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As well as creating professional business websites we also provide various other services which are listed below, if you need something you don't see on the list just contact us and we will get straight back to you.

> Site Newsletter

A News feature is a great way to let your users know about any events, offers, or promotions you have coming up, it's also a great way to keep in touch with your members & helps to remind them from time to time about the services you offer.

> Customer Contact / Enquiry Forms

A must for any site - this is a more personalised way to allow your visitors to ask question regarding your site or service, a good contact form features drop down menus for visitors to select from (thus saving them a lot of typing) as well as maybe some form of market research or comments box about your site or how it was found which can be a valuable way to track where your vistors are coming from and what their requirments are.

> Custom Email Pages

A custom email page is basicly a template layout which you can type your messages on, as opposed to using a plain white background you can send messages on a layout that incorporates your company logo, contact details and any other relevant information.

> Meta Tag Analysis

We will assess your title, description, site keywords & other meta tags for you, offering some advice and suggestion on what changes to these would better benefit you in the search engines.

> Database construction

Databases are are a very important backend to any website that hold and call information. A database is a collection of records stored in a computer in a systematic way, so that a computer program can consult it to answer questions. For better retrieval and sorting, each record is usually organized as a set of data elements (facts). The items retrieved in answer to queries become information that can be used to make decisions. The computer program used to manage and query a database is known as a database management system (DBMS). We can incorporate a database into your website in order to enable many things such as user login, password storage, information retrieval & storage & much more.

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